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"Flekd’s First EP Heralds A Dreamy New Jazz-Folk Sound" 5 star review from Pheonix magazine

Another great review this time from Pheonix Magazine, 5 stars, very positive and descriptive, we're delighted - a big thank you to Rachel Michaella Finn.

"Flekd’s First EP Heralds A Dreamy New Jazz-Folk Sound..

Flekd create rich soundscapes of cross-cultural dynamics creating a rich mix of sounds to soothe and relax. It’s music for contemplation, drawing from both western contemporary jazz and folk and the traditional folk music and percussion of India and Africa.

What they do well is subtle richness, having an impressive ability to build-up of layers and mix sounds from different cultures and genres to create something dynamic and unique."

Full review: www.phoenixmag.co.uk/culture/flekds-first-ep-heralds-a-beautiful-new-jazz-folk-sound/

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