"The spheres of contemporary jazz, English/Celtic folk and world music unite in this inviting five-track debut EP from Flekd – an acoustic quintet who, between them, draw on an impressive depth of musical experience, possessing the skills to convincingly weave together these various strands into cohesive, chamber music soundscapes..carefully constructed lines and opportunities for considered improvisation possess an integrity and sophistication which becomes increasingly appealing.. This assured first recording suggests Flekd to be a successful collaboration which can surely grow, perhaps even widening its scope into grittier, more dramatic territories – an intriguing prospect indeed."


Adrian Pallant, London Jazz

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"Flekd’s First EP Heralds A Dreamy New Jazz-Folk Sound..

Flekd create rich soundscapes of cross-cultural dynamics creating a rich mix of sounds to soothe and relax. It’s music for contemplation, drawing from both western contemporary jazz and folk and the traditional folk music and percussion of India and Africa. What they do well is subtle richness, having an impressive ability to build-up of layers and mix sounds from different cultures and genres to create something dynamic and unique.. The heavily present mash-up of folk-rooted flute and jazz-rooted piano sounds far from random on the EP both sounds complement each other well. Their unique brand of contemporary folk and jazz mixed in with Indian and African rhythms is perhaps not conventional but it is still accessible, and it offers a beautiful half hour spent in a reverie away from the chaos of everyday life."


Rachel Michaella Finn, Pheonix Magazine

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"You soon just get lost in the seamless beauty of this unusual combination.  All Flekd’s members are accomplished jazz musicians with a love of folk, world and all music that transcends genres and follows its own journey.  The result is a beautiful blend that satisfies the serious music lover while lightening the spirit and soothing the soull..

While there are echoes of much that is familiar in Flekd’s music, the overall feel is something very new and very different which urges you to ignore the limits of genre boxing and offers a much more imaginative ride."


Jeanette Howlett, Starlion Radio

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